Re-forms are aluminium sculptures by Łukasz Mamica, which were cast from cans found in public spaces. They encourage a creative reading of the author’s inspiration for producing the individual forms, with titles that only provide interpretive cues. In some cases, they are accompanied by short animated clips, as in the case of sculpture V-189. Their pedestals also serve as containers for used cans.
Re-forms are the ways in which the author gives reality a new shape. Easy-to-crush aluminium cans, when melted, change their form and become objects of art, prompting reflection on the circulation of matter and the changeability of what surrounds us. Re-forms are also a metaphor for the world that we look at, but may not always understand.
The triptych Body, displayed in the foyer of Kijów Cinema, an important place for Polish culture, is a voice in the discussion about the form of representation of one of the most significant subjects in art, which is the human body.
Depending on the time of day, the texture of Re-forms causes light to reflect off of them in unique, fleeting ways that leave space for multiple interpretations.